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What to Consider When Getting a Keratin Treatment | Benefits of Getting a Keratin Treatment | What You Need to Know About Keratin Treatments

Are you looking to solve the problem of dry and tangled hair and hoping for a way out without using a relaxer? A keratin treatment for your hair would be a good idea for you. A Keratin treatment is basically a chemical process that smooths and straightens frizzy hair giving it a healthy sheen. The effect can last for six months. The process basically just introduces more keratin into the hair follicle permeating through the porous areas. Nails and hair are largely made of Keratin. The keratin in these treatments is derived from wool, feathers or horns. The type of keratin treatment to be used depends on what sort of hair you have.

There are numerous reasons why getting a keratin treatment is great. For one, your hair is more will be more manageable once you get one. It will be most definitely be easier to comb, detangle, style, and even clean. Long gone are the cumbersome hours of having to wonder what to do with your hectic hair. Keratin treatment also helps prevent heat damage on your hair as a quick air-dry suffices thanks to the treated hair drying much faster than regular hair and then you are good to go. Another thing is that it makes your hair look beautiful, glossy, and healthy instead of frizzy and dry. Keratin treatment reduces split ends by joining or binding them together temporarily. Keratin fortifies the hair and it minimizes breakage. When the ends do not break off, then the length and volume of hair steadily increase rather than reduce. The keratin treatment reduces your struggle with your hair up to six months which is highly recommendable

The other thing to think about is how it is done and the time it takes. The duration of the keratin treatment is directly proportionate to your hair type, your hair texture be it course or smooth and length which may range from short to long. The process might take a couple of hours, two hours on the lower side, and four hours on the upper side. The first thing that will be done is to shampoo and wash your hair. The treatment is then applied to your damp hair. The product must remain in your hair for about half an hour so as to effectively reach all strands of hair. The alternative method is whereby your stylist first blow dries your hair then applies the treatment and lets it sit for half an hour. A flat iron can be used to give it a final perfected look as well as seal in the moisture.

Remember to procure the services of a reputable stylist who will not overcharge you.

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